This retro clothed action figure from NECA is based on Freddy Krueger’s memorable tuxedo-clad appearance in Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors.


Tuxedo Freddy stands 8” tall and is dressed in intricately detailed fabric clothing similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s.  This figure is fully poseable and features multiple accessories, including a red and green striped bow tie and pocket square, and a replica model of the Elm Street house that lights up. 


Packaged in a resealable protective clamshell that features custom artwork created by illustrator Nathan Thomas Milliner!


UPC: 6-34482-14956-0

Size: 8-inch scale

NECA Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 – Tuxedo Freddy 8” Clothed Action Figure

SKU: NEC14956




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