Mezco x 5 Points – Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe 5-Figure Box Set

Mezco x 5 Points are proud to present the Tower of Fear Deluxe Box Set, featuring five articulated action figures inspired by the classic monsters of yesteryear, a range of accessories, and a multi-level environment diorama.


Standing a monstrous 18" tall, this retro play-set diorama creates a decaying Carpathian castle with three floors:  a dungeon, a main hall, and Frankenstein’s Lab!  


Each floor has interactive components for each Monster including a coffin that Dracula can fit inside, a sarcophagus that Mummy can fit inside, lab equipment that Frankenstein's Monster can connect to, multiple landings for each figure to stand on, and much more!  Packaged in a collector-friendly box. 




  • 3.75" scale articulated action figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Mummy, Sea Creature, and Werewolf.
  • 18" multi-level diorama
  • (1) vampire bat (fits over Dracula’s head)
  • (1) skullcap (fits onto Frankenstein’s Monster’s head)
  • (1) Usekh collar
  • (1) unraveled scroll
  • (2) Canopic jars
  • (1) Uraeus
  • (1) fossilized Sea Creature head
  • (2) seaweed fronds
  • (1) human skull
  • (1) tibia bone
  • (1) fibula bone
  • (5) Figure display bases


Mezco x 5 Points – Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe 5-Figure Box Set

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