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Trick or Treat Studios and MGM are proud to present the officially licensed Pumpkinhead mask from Stan Winston’s 1988 thriller.


Sculpted by Bruce Spaulding Fuller, this highly-detailed mask is perfectly scaled for fit and proportion and is an exquisite replica of the infamous Pumpkinhead.


All Trick or Treat Studios masks and props are 100% handmade, which includes sculpting, molding, casting, cutting, painting, sewing, and hairing, making each one a unique and high-quality piece of art.


NOTE:  Due to the handmade nature of this mask, it is not returnable unless materially defective.  Slight variations in size, weathering, color, and hair may exist and do not qualify as material defects.  This mask is sculpted to fit the average human head (22-24" in diameter) and contains natural rubber latex, which may cause an allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals.


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