It’s time to put away childish things with the 8” The Death of Innocence Dunny by Igor Ventura.  This skeletal rocking horse Dunny takes the platform to new heights and is an innovative take on what a Dunny could be.  Based off Igor’s idea that when you grow up, some of the things that you took for certain when you were a child die.  You discover the world isn’t fair, that your parents aren’t always right, that growing up is hard; so a dead rocking horse would represent really well when your innocence dies.  Decorated in a colorful Dia De Los Muertos style, this Dunny is hand-finished with a dry brushing technique to get the dingy antiqued bone effect that Igor intended.


Limited to 800 pieces worldwide.


Size:  8”

Release Year:  2018

Medium:  Vinyl

Ratio:  1/800

Kidrobot – The Death of Innocence 8” Dunny by Igor Ventura





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